Product Comparison
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You have better things to do.

Speedy Salt wants you to focus on bigger things. Leave the soft water to us.

Speedy Salt

United Brand Salt from Speedy Salt has the standards of purity and quality that will keep your water softener performing efficiently throughout the year. By keeping your water softener well supplied with high-quality, pure salt, you are keeping it operating and keeping it efficient. With our high standards and consistent delivery, we’re putting convenient home maintenance at your fingertips.

The Delivery Advantage from Speedy Salt

With no additional expense to you, your salt will show up at your home every month. By having your salt delivered monthly, you are removing the chance that your salt supply will run low or that your softener will go empty. You’re extending the life of your equipment and removing headaches from your schedule.

Texas Salt

Some people say that salt is salt. That it doesn’t matter where it’s from. But we disagree. Texas salt is better because it’s from Texas.