Meet Tyler and Ben Hall

Tyler and Ben are brothers. They are also homeowners and entrepreneurs.

They like soft water but always seem to forget to keep their water softeners filled with salt. It’s inconvenient. It’s annoying. Water softener salt is low on their list of cares…until the salt runs out.

That’s how Speedy Salt came to be.

Reducing Homeowner Headache

San Antonio has some of the hardest water in the country. And so Tyler and Ben looked for companies that were making things easier for homeowners. They couldn’t find anyone who would deliver salt without overcharging. They couldn’t find anyone who would make the headache of water softener salt supply go away.

They decided that homeowners deserve something better.

Speedy Salt leaves Texas-mined salt at your doorstep every month for no delivery fee.

No more forgetting. No more heavy lifting.  

That’s the beauty of Speedy Salt.

Every 28 days, your salt shows up. You won’t need to load up on bags of salt when they’re on sale. You don’t need to take unexpected trips to the store. You don’t need to weigh down your shopping cart or car trunk space with salt bags. We’ll do the remembering. We’ll do the heavy lifting.

You have better things to do.

Speedy Salt wants you to focus on bigger things. Leave the soft water to us.


We’re looking out for you, solving problems before they come up and eliminating headaches before they start. We want you to be able to focus on more important things.


The Process is Simple.

  1. Select how many bags you want delivered every month.
  2. Give us a little bit of information (like payment info, your address, your delivery preferences).
  3. Watch bags of salt magically appear in front of your garage every 28 days.

There are no contracts. There’s no obligation. Simply pay what you’re already paying for salt, but stop driving to the store to buy it.


No gimmicks. No catch. Our salt is legit. Our delivery is free. Our business is giving homeowners permission to stop thinking about salt.

We’ll deliver it…and you’ll never have to worry about it again. We’ll be consistent. We’ll be reliable. You’ll be happy.

We believe in thinking differently.​

This was started by two entrepreneurs that found success in another niche industry with that same vision that dreamed up Speedy Salt. At the end of the day, it’s about making life easier for real people.

Everywhere they looked, the process was inconvenient. Delivery was expensive. People were forgetting to stay on top of their salt supplies.

Something better had to come along. And so they thought differently and started Speedy Salt.

We believe Texas salt is better salt.

Some people say that salt is salt. That it doesn’t matter where it’s from. But we disagree. Texas salt is better because it’s from Texas. Learn more about our salt here.

We believe that home maintenance should be at your fingertips.

Maintenance for your home should be convenient and accessible. That’s why our process is simple. It’s why we don’t have contracts or gimmicks. Order your salt. And then don’t think about it again until you change your monthly needs or decide to go a different direction.

Get Softener Salt The Easy Way