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How Do I Know If I Have Hard Water?

Hard water can have a major impact on your home, your family, and your health. It can make your appliances less efficient, contribute to dryness of the skin and hair, and the taste, depending on the mineral content, can be

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Grapes being washed with soft water

What is soft water?

Water, in its purest form, is often called soft water. It’s better for drinking, for your appliances, and for your family’s well-being. It negates the problems often associated with mineral buildup, or scaling, and allows you to enjoy hydration without

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What is hard water?

Do you find that your skin is itchy and dry? Are you frustrated with the performance of your appliances? You might be dealing with hard water? It’s the most common water problem in the United States, but many still find

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Clear blue water

How does a water softener work?

Do you remember your high school chemistry class? During your time there, it’s likely that you discussed the concept of “ion exchange.” If you’re wondering, “How does a water softener work,” we’re going to have to brush up on your

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