What is soft water?

Grapes being washed with soft water

Water, in its purest form, is often called soft water. It’s better for drinking, for your appliances, and for your family’s well-being. It negates the problems often associated with mineral buildup, or scaling, and allows you to enjoy hydration without the smell and taste that comes with hard water. So, what is soft water, exactly?

What is Soft Water?

In short, soft water is water that hasn’t accumulated the minerals that hard water has. Hard water picks up elements like magnesium and calcium on its journey to your home. Sometimes, you’ll naturally have access to soft water. For 85% of the population, though,  soft water can only be achieved using water softening systems.

Why is Soft Water Preferable?

Hard water has the unfortunate consequence of building up inside of your pipes and appliances, leading to less efficiency and greater damage. While those problems may take some time to become severe, you may start noticing an increase in your water bill as your water has to work harder to push through increasingly blocked pipes.

Soft water, on the other hand, has some major benefits over hard water. First, it allows you to use less soaps and detergents than you would with hard water. Hard water can prevent soaps from sudding, leading to grimy, discolored clothes. Soft water helps your laundry stay as bright as the day you bought it, with less soap!

It also helps keep your silverware and glassware shiny and sturdy. Hard water can leave white spots on your dishes that are nearly impossible to remove. It can also make glass more brittle and prone to breaking. Soft water has no such effect on dishes. It leaves them sparkling clean and as strong as the day you bought them.

Finally, soft water makes your skin and hair touchably soft. Hard water can cause dry, itchy, rough skin, as it never truly removes the soap from your body. This soap build up can dry out everything it touches and leave a scummy residue on your shower. On the other hand, soft water is very effective at removing soaps and shampoos

They say that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, and living with hard water is the perfect example of that saying. Making the investment in a water softener today can save you time, money, energy, and resources tomorrow.


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