Step 1. Decide that you’re tired of thinking about buying salt for your water softener.

At Speedy Salt, we put convenience and home maintenance at your fingertips when it comes to San Antonio Salt Delivery. Removing a simple thing like salt from your to-do’s will make your days just a little bit easier. We  manage it so you don’t have to.

Step 2. Decide how much salt you want each month and the day you want it to show up.

Keep in mind that you can change your salt delivery service this at any time. If you decide that you need more or less salt, change your preferences. Once you start having salt delivered, it will show up every 28 days. You’ll pay what you would have spent anyway, but you didn’t have to go to the store, load up your cart and trunk, drive it home, and unload it.

Step 3. Commit to letting us take it from here.

Aside from giving us your address and your permission to charge your card monthly for your salt, you aren’t committing to anything else. You’re just letting us take care of it. Your neighbor will be jealous.

Step 4. Stop thinking about it.

Some day in the future, you’ll pull into your driveway and see some bags of salt that were delivered to your home. You’ll carry them to your water softener, empty them, and think, “This was worth it.” And then you won’t think about it again for 28 days.

Step 5. Tell your friends and neighbors in San Antonio.

We run a clean and simple business. And we rely on the people we serve just like they rely on us. So help us spread the word. And together we’ll make things easier for everyone.

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Speedy Salt wants you to focus on bigger things. Leave the soft water to us.